An Ocean Love Story

Saara & Ryan Moss


Venue: Tintswalo Atlantic

Wedding Planner: Nicola Jane weddings and events specialists

Hair and Makeup: Minke Du Plessis

Photographer: Kobus Tollig

Video: VJS Productions

Wedding Dress: Tying The Knot Bridal Boutique

Suits: Lockstock & Barrel Tailors

Band: Pravada23

DJ: Next Dimension Entertainment

Gowns: Love Angela Bridal and Evening Wear

Written by Sherri-Lee Smit


A weekend away with friends and family to celebrate their love. This is what Ryan and Saara wanted for their special day. The scene was perfect, as they are both surfers and ocean lovers, getting married closer to the ocean would not have been possible. On the wooden deck of Tintswalo, facing the ocean, they joined hands and said “I do!”

Tintwalo-Atlantic-Wedding-Photographer24 Tintwalo-Atlantic-Wedding-Photographer27 Tintwalo-Atlantic-Wedding-Photographer30 Tintwalo-Atlantic-Wedding-Photographer33 Tintwalo-Atlantic-Wedding-Photographer34 Tintwalo-Atlantic-Wedding-Photographer35 Tintwalo-Atlantic-Wedding-Photographer29

Special moments will be cherished forever by Saara and her girls, getting ready together on her wedding day. We where all dressed in beautiful gowns made by Love Angela. All the ladies had their hair and makeup done by Minke du Plessis.


Saara’s beautiful wedding dress was from Tying The Knot Bridal Boutique. An absolute perfect fit, flowing in the breeze and sparkling in the sunlight.

Tintwalo-Atlantic-Wedding-Photographer22Tintwalo-Atlantic-Wedding-Photographer47 Tintwalo-Atlantic-Wedding-Photographer43 Tintwalo-Atlantic-Wedding-Photographer42 Tintwalo-Atlantic-Wedding-Photographer41 Tintwalo-Atlantic-Wedding-Photographer39 Tintwalo-Atlantic-Wedding-Photographer48

Ryan and his groomsmen where getting ready in one of the ocean side rooms, to be with his closest friends just before the happiest moment in his life will forever be a special memory. All their suits where made by Lockstock & Barrel Tailors. Saara wrote her husband to be a personal letter that he read while getting dressed.

Tintwalo-Atlantic-Wedding-Photographer9 Tintwalo-Atlantic-Wedding-Photographer15Tintwalo-Atlantic-Wedding-Photographer11 Tintwalo-Atlantic-Wedding-Photographer20

Ryan met Saara half way up the isle, kissed her hand hand walked the rest of the way with her while Follow the Sun by Xavier Rudd was playing. A very romantic and meaningful gesture.

Tintwalo-Atlantic-Wedding-Photographer59Tintwalo-Atlantic-Wedding-Photographer64 Tintwalo-Atlantic-Wedding-Photographer61

One of the couple’s friends, Dayne Rothbletz, married them in a very original way, his words captured their relationship perfectly. We where all laughing and crying, filled with emotions and love.

Tintwalo-Atlantic-Wedding-Photographer85 Tintwalo-Atlantic-Wedding-Photographer90

The sun was setting and the light in the reception area was warming, the smell of the ocean surrounded us and the decor was beach themed. Each table had a special name that related to the ocean. Flowers, starfish, crystals and lights hung from the ceiling creating a fairytale ambience.

Tintwalo-Atlantic-Wedding-Photographer73 Tintwalo-Atlantic-Wedding-Photographer72 Tintwalo-Atlantic-Wedding-Photographer74 Tintwalo-Atlantic-Wedding-Photographer75 Tintwalo-Atlantic-Wedding-Photographer76 Tintwalo-Atlantic-Wedding-Photographer98

The happy newly weds spent some time with their photographer, Kobus Tollig, capturing the light of the setting sun and the glow of their love and happiness.

Tintwalo-Atlantic-Wedding-Photographer100 Tintwalo-Atlantic-Wedding-Photographer101 Tintwalo-Atlantic-Wedding-Photographer99 Tintwalo-Atlantic-Wedding-Photographer92 Tintwalo-Atlantic-Wedding-Photographer91

We spent the rest of the evening celebrating, eating incredible food and dancing the night away to music from Pravada Live Electronic Jazz Band and Adrian from Next Dimension Entertainment. Saara and Ryan’s first dance was incredible and showed how much love they have for each other.

Tintwalo-Atlantic-Wedding-Photographer131 Tintwalo-Atlantic-Wedding-Photographer138 Tintwalo-Atlantic-Wedding-Photographer140 Tintwalo-Atlantic-Wedding-Photographer154 Tintwalo-Atlantic-Wedding-Photographer157

I wish for Saara and Ryan Moss to have all the love and happiness in their future!

Tintwalo-Atlantic-Wedding-Photographer180 Tintwalo-Atlantic-Wedding-Photographer184 Tintwalo-Atlantic-Wedding-Photographer185 Tintwalo-Atlantic-Wedding-Photographer192 Tintwalo-Atlantic-Wedding-Photographer193

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