The u slim weight loss and weight management programme was formulated by a Clinical Nutritionist and weight loss specialist. it focuses on normal healthy food as the basis of an eating programme or diet that not only assists with weight loss but increases overall health. Key to the weight loss programme’s success is that it is a proven lifestyle and ensures maintenance of your new achieved weight . each client’s programme is individually formulated to take personal issues such as blood sugar and cholesterol levels, metabolic profile as well as medical conditions and medication into ac- count.  

Because we do not use any pills, injections or shakes to assist in the weight loss process our program is 100% safe for pregnant or breast-feeding moms as well as children and the elderly. throughout the u slim programme you receive weekly communication  (the u slim news) giving you weight loss advice, yummy recipes, interesting facts about health and weight loss and useful notes to make your weight loss process easier and more enjoyable. there is also a forum that you can join, and our trained u slim agents are also just a call or an email away. the u slim weight loss or weight management programme allows you to choose from two methods: having a personal agent or consultant, or joining our u slim indirect (online) pro- gramme. 

The u slim indirect programme offers the same support and assistance as the personal consultant, the only difference is that you would send your weight and measurement chart to the U Slim Indirect office each week at your convenience. Each client is monitored and advised to ensure constant and healthy weight loss. our u slim indirect programme is very successful and convenient for people on the go; it is very proactive and offers great results.

HEAD-OFFICE ( ROSEBANK) and U SLIM Indirect programme

Contact Person: Yolanda Duxbury

Contact number : 083 326 4933



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