Giving new meaning to feeding your face: Esse Organic Skincare

We had an absolutely inspiring day yesterday at the Banskia Boutique Hotel in Gardens, Cape Town, to see a presentation by Trevor Steyn,  the owner and CEO of Esse Organic Skincare. He changed our lives with his presentation, and we hope that the information we give you will change yours too. Trevor is an organic chemist who is passionate about exploring new ways of treating skin and fighting ageing. The passion he has for his research and his products make you appreciate the brand so much more.

I will try to sum up his amazing presentation, that personally had me so intrigued that I wanted to start studying again. Trevor has invested a considerable amount of research into the Human Microbiome Project (HMP) and more specifically the relationship between skin and the microbes living on its surface.

Simply put, your body is made up of human cells, and these cells have microbes at a ratio of 10 microbes to 1 human cell. Without microbes your body would not function, and at the rate the human race is going, we are permanently losing our microbes. To preserve these microbes we need prebiotics.

Esse Organic Skincare has a pH balance of 5 with prebiotics to favour beneficial microbes. Their oils mimic sebum and they contain only mild natural preservatives. They use cradle-to- cradle technology, which means everything that is used can be reused. You can return your containers to the stores where you purchased your product, and for every ten you return they give you a free product.

One of the five pillars of the Esse Discover Organic campaign is titled Discover your Microbes. This creates awareness that skin is intricately dependent on diverse microbes to function optimally. We are supposed to feed our diverse microbes on our skin, not destroy them with chemicals.

Every time you disinfect or use antibiotics you are destroying your microbes and some of them will be permanently lost. Organic is the future – educate yourself and stop destroying your diverse eco-system of microbes!

Trevor Steyn believes that the future of skincare lies in probiotic skincare and a further relationship between microbes and our cells.

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