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Western Cape Photographer Nadia Basson gives you a little insight into her background.

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“I’m Nadia Basson, a Cape Town based wedding photographer. I studied photography through a photography institute in New York and it is my absolute passion to capture and share special moments with my clients. As a newlywed I have a great understanding of what a bride wants out of her dream wedding and as a photographer I paid close attention to the details on our wedding day, especially when it came to our photos.”

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“I handle all my shoots through that point of view, as if it was my big day and to provide exactly what I expected from my photographer. I will always have an assistant or second shooter with me on the day of a wedding to make sure we cover all the areas of your special day. God gave me an absolute love for photography, to capture the love between people, and to be able to share and capture these special moments with clients makes me the happiest person on earth.”

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“Every photo tells a unique story in its own way and I capture each moment to the best of my ability so that the photo can speak for itself. Our work also featured on some top wedding blogs namely Confetti Daydream, Mooi troues, Troukoors, Top Vendor Wedding Awards, South Bound Bride & Isle Society. I’m very excited and curious to meet my new clients and to see what my journey will be as a photographer…as said: “success is a journey, not a destination” and I’m looking forward to have you apart of my successful journey. We offer different packages that will give you enough options to choose from.”

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“We also offer customized packages where we make an unique package according to your needs. (please drop me an email for more details). I would love to meet you and discuss your options with Nadia Basson Photography over a nice cup of coffee.”



Cape Town

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