The Engagement Story

My Wedding Day SA would like to share the story of how Sherri, owner of My Wedding Day SA blog, got engaged. She shares her story below.

I would like to share my journey with you as an official bride-to-be myself. It can be a daunting task, everyone asking, “When are you getting married?” and you have been engaged for exactly 30min. Enjoying the “engagement bubble” is very important as it is probably the shortest, but most exciting time in your relationship.

Though I have always known my fiancé is the one, I never knew how, or when he would propose. To my joy, it was all I ever dreamed and more! The day was perfect, beautiful waves, beautiful weather. I was just opening a bottle of wine at a friends house to watch the sunset when he called and said, he promised our dog that he would take him for a beach walk and he is coming to pick me up. As this is a normal daily routine I did not think anything of it and gladly went along.

Arriving at our favourite beach, Skulpies, we started walking our dog as the sun started to touch the horizon. The light went gold and the smell of the ocean was especially strong was it was one of the few days in Cape Town that didn’t have wind. I am not going to lie, I was secretly thinking in my mind, this would be the perfect moment, just as I have been thinking about all the other perfect moments in the past year.

My dog started crawling through the sand as if it was practised and my fiancé dropped to his knee and acted like my dog found something in the sand, as I got closer to look, there it was! My special, oh so beautiful engagement ring, sparkling in the sunset. He asked, “Baby, will you marry me?” and in total shock I said, “Are you joking? What? Is this real? YES! OF COURSE!” He carefully slipped the ring on my finger and the promise was made.

Still to this day I would love to know how he knew the size, as it is a perfect fit. After tears of joy, sandy feet and salty kisses, he had champagne on ice and a massive bouquet of flowers waiting in the boot of the car and we enjoyed the moment to ourselves with our dog until the sunset. We then went home to call all our friends and family. Most of them stay near by so they all popped in with a bottle of bubbly and celebrated with us.

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Never did I think I would be the girl to stick out my hand and scream with excitement, but it is official, I am. The best part of the engagement is the rush of love and happiness we have surrounding us from all our friends and family. I am so grateful and in love.

I will share my journey with you, from venues, dresses, cakes, decor, photography, makeup and hair, the paperwork, wedding planners, the complete package. Follow My Wedding Day SA blog and social media channels to see updates.


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