V’DODILI Engagement Ring vs. Wedding Ring

The difference between an engagement and a wedding ring
By Erika Cronje – jewellery designer and owner of V’DODILI
Jewellery designer Erika Cronje spells out the background to and difference between engagement and wedding rings and what the latest trends are for these special pieces. Erika  founded V’DODILI, a jewellery boutique focusing on custom-made and personalised jewellery, in 2010,  and there is increasing demand for her unique designer pieces. With the backing of a B.Sc. in Consumer Science from the University of Potchefstroom and an award for the top platinum designer by Anglo American, Erika is a South African jewellery designer to watch.

The engagement ring
This is the ring that you get engaged with, which is usually the more expensive ring. The engagement ring by tradition is a setting with a large diamond or precious stone. This is the ring we dream about as little girls! Now that you have your dream future husband, all you need is your gorgeous ring.

The wedding ring
By tradition the wedding ring is a gold band set with smaller diamonds or/and stones that you can wear together with or separately from your engagement ring. The wedding ring complements the style and setting of your engagement ring. The gold and stones in general match the engagement ring to complete the style and look you have chosen. The trends vary from adding one or more bands to the engagement ring. The budget often determines these choices.
The wedding band is also worn on the left-hand ring finger separately, and often on the wedding day the band is worn alone as it symbolises the marriage union and commitment to each other. The round band is a symbol of endless love enduring for infinity.

Can you combine the two rings to wear as one ring setting?
You can combine your engagement ring and wedding ring by choosing the correct design. If your engagement ring has a thick band, it may not be necessary for you to get a wedding band. You can also wear the rings separately – this depends on your personal style and how traditional you are.
However, it is traditional to have both an engagement ring and a wedding ring. You have the option to permanently attach the wedding band to your engagement ring should wish to do so.

How popular is a wedding ring set?
We have seen that most couples prefer a wedding ring set. Ladies that prefer an engagement and wedding ring in one are in the minority.

Can I add onto the engagement or wedding ring afterwards?
Most definitely yes, we often see couples getting engaged with a plain band and the main featured stone. This can be a good option to invest in a larger or better quality feature stone for your ring at a later stage.

Then for the wedding or future wedding anniversaries you can add smaller details onto the band, as well as small stones to create your dream ring. You can also have an additional band made as a side feature to your engagement ring for your wedding, which can be fixed onto the main ring for your wedding day or wedding anniversary.

What are current trends for engagement and wedding rings?
The latest trend is to select a very plain engagement ring, such as a solitaire. For your wedding ring the trend is to add a variety of wedding bands to wear with your engagement ring. The idea is that you are able to mix the combinations of how you wear the rings together to match your mood or outfit of the day. These are known as wedding stack rings.
Rose gold has also become a hot trend, as you may have noticed already. We also see clients selecting a smaller stone of better quality. Budgets are not getting smaller, but the quality of the stone is becoming more important, along with colour purity, which in general makes the stone more expensive.
It is also becoming more common to replace the feature stone with a morganite – this is a beautiful light pink or champagne colour stone. The only negative about morganite is that it is a softer stone and gets dull over time, by showing up scratches – it will not last a lifetime like a diamond. You would then need to replace the stone or send it for a regular polish.

V’DODILI is a jewellery boutique focusing on custom-made and personalised jewellery, that is based in Pretoria and was established in 2010. V’DODILI specialises in designing and manufacturing uniquely designed signature styles, as well as personalised  jewellery for the local South African and international markets. The name is derived from the Hebrew phrase “Ani l’dodi v’dodili”, which means “I am my beloved and my beloved is mine”. Read more at www.vdodili.co.za

Contact Erika Cronje of V’DODILI on 082 776 7367; email erika@vdodili.co.za.


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