Real Wedding Fit For A Princess

Real Wedding Fit For A Princess

Written by Sherri-Lee Smit



29 September 2018

Venue: Stonehaven Castle, Shongweni

The bride and groom had an outdoor garden wedding at this beautiful castle setting. One hundred of the couples friends and family attended the wedding that was decorated with glamorous creams and touches of royal blue.

The bride's dress is 20 years old, her encrusted tiara was brand new and her something blue was her flowers.

The groom wore a beautiful royal blue suit with black details, a white shirt and a black bow tie. The couple looked perfectly matched on their special day.

Photographer: Brendan Clarivette

Venue: Stonehaven Castle





Untraditional Wedding Arches

Untraditional Wedding Arches

Written by Sherri-Lee Smit

We have been searching for untraditional wedding arches. In this new wedding era, the trend is to be different and original. The wedding arch plays big role when you don't get married in a church.

It can be a way to repeat your theme, whether it is geometric or bohemian and it can also repeat your colour pallette.

Whatever you decide to do, we hope these examples inspire you.


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5 Details You Can't Miss

5 Details You Can't Miss

Written by Sherri-Lee Smit

With all the stress and distractions of dress hunting, guest list planning and family organising, you might forget the smaller details that make your wedding unforgettable. Don't worry, we have you covered. Whether it is extra special lighting or your wedding favours, these tips will help you.


The Entrance

Make sure that when your guests enter the reception or ceremony that they are either welcomed with something special or let them be blown away with a incredible decor moment. After all first impressions last forever.

Perhaps you can have a flower arch that they walk through or a fairy light canopy. You can have your waiters welcome them with an ice cold glass of bubbles or a delicious snack. This will set the mood for your wedding and make your guests feel spoilt from the first moment they arrive.

Signage and Directions

Always send your guest a very simple and easy to understand map so they don't get lost on the way to your wedding and risk being late. 

Also make sure you have signage at the venue as there is not always someone to explain or direct them, make it self explanatory and convenient for your guests. This can also help carry your theme through and add decor to the venue.

Have A Special Guest Book

These days a book with a pen just doesn't entice people to write in your guest book. These are so many new and exciting ways to make your guest book and to keep it forever.

Make it fun for your guests so that it becomes an activity and they will be more likely to participate.

Whether you have giant Jenga blocks, perhaps a Polaroid camera or photo booth where the can stick their selfie and write a message next to it. You can also create an artwork where they can write on little hearts and insert them into a frame that you can hang on your wall to remind you of the special day forever.

Choose Epic Favours 

Wedding favours are little gifts that you give your guest to remember the day and to say thank you for to them for attending. Make sure it is meaningful and special.

They can also double as name card and you can arrange them on your tables. Make or get something that will remind them of you and your groom.

Exta Ligthing

Something I have personally always loved is lighting. It can set a mood and create an atmosphere for very little spend. If you prefer candles why not create a whole table with just candles, it makes beautiful soft and romantic light and looks good in photos. Plus you can always get scented candles and make your wedding not just look good, but smell good too!

Fairy lights are called just that as they create a fairytale look. But be aware if not don't correctly can end up looking kitsch. 


We hope these tips help you create your unforgettable day.

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SkinnyTan Summer Launch

SkinnyTan Summer Launch

Get your glow this summer the safe and easy way with SkinnyTan. It is easy to apply, smells like an island holiday, and won’t dry your skin. This will be your go-to fashion and healthy accessory for a sleek superb spring and summer.

SkinnyTan is the uniquely formulated Australian self-tanning brand which has overcome all historical barriers and delivers a natural looking, streak free and beautifully smelling tan every time. Utilising a naturally derived tanning agent and lots of moisturising ingredients to deliver the ultimate flawless colour every time.


Designed and created by two mums in Australia who wanted to combine tanning and skin nourishing ingredients to boost their skin confidence and make them feel fantastic about themselves at the same time, SkinnyTan was made by real people for real people.

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The Perks Of An At Home Bachelorette Party

The Perks Of An At Home Bachelorette Party

Written by Sherri-Lee Smit


We have all been to places where there are a group of ladies dressed up funny and causing a fuss, it is all fun and games as her friends make her do tasks as her last night as a "single lady". But in all fairness, it does tend to get a little embarrassing and sometimes out of hand. Getting completely "sloshed" in public and being bride to be number 11 on the announcements at "the club" just doesn't cut it anymore.

This is why having a bachelorette at home has so many great perks. Firstly, it is free. Most venues charge extra for bachelorette parties and staff. With all the money you saving you can go all out with entertainment or decorations. From an at home spa day, a waterslides or a great DJ to get the girls dancing. Sure you still have to make your own food and buy refreshments, but it will cost you way less than cover charge, transport, hotels, and restaurant charges.

You don't have to deal with any crowds or guys trying to get lucky with your bridal party. Having your party at home can make it more special and exclusively about the bride to be.

Another great perk is that you have carte blanche with what your decor or theme will be. Most venues are strict, sometimes not even allowing balloons. At your home, anything goes. Make it more special and personalised with homemade goodies and cocktails.

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