SkinnyTan Summer Launch

SkinnyTan Summer Launch

Get your glow this summer the safe and easy way with SkinnyTan. It is easy to apply, smells like an island holiday, and won’t dry your skin. This will be your go-to fashion and healthy accessory for a sleek superb spring and summer.

SkinnyTan is the uniquely formulated Australian self-tanning brand which has overcome all historical barriers and delivers a natural looking, streak free and beautifully smelling tan every time. Utilising a naturally derived tanning agent and lots of moisturising ingredients to deliver the ultimate flawless colour every time.


Designed and created by two mums in Australia who wanted to combine tanning and skin nourishing ingredients to boost their skin confidence and make them feel fantastic about themselves at the same time, SkinnyTan was made by real people for real people.

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The Perks Of An At Home Bachelorette Party

The Perks Of An At Home Bachelorette Party

Written by Sherri-Lee Smit


We have all been to places where there are a group of ladies dressed up funny and causing a fuss, it is all fun and games as her friends make her do tasks as her last night as a "single lady". But in all fairness, it does tend to get a little embarrassing and sometimes out of hand. Getting completely "sloshed" in public and being bride to be number 11 on the announcements at "the club" just doesn't cut it anymore.

This is why having a bachelorette at home has so many great perks. Firstly, it is free. Most venues charge extra for bachelorette parties and staff. With all the money you saving you can go all out with entertainment or decorations. From an at home spa day, a waterslides or a great DJ to get the girls dancing. Sure you still have to make your own food and buy refreshments, but it will cost you way less than cover charge, transport, hotels, and restaurant charges.

You don't have to deal with any crowds or guys trying to get lucky with your bridal party. Having your party at home can make it more special and exclusively about the bride to be.

Another great perk is that you have carte blanche with what your decor or theme will be. Most venues are strict, sometimes not even allowing balloons. At your home, anything goes. Make it more special and personalised with homemade goodies and cocktails.

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Looking For The Perfect Dress at the Perfect Price

Looking For The Perfect Dress at the Perfect Price

Written by Sherri-Lee Smit 

Your wedding dress should make you feel like a movie star on the red carpet, all eyes on you, but without breaking your budget.

If your wedding is a weekend away extravaganza or an intimate small dinner or an elopement with just the two of you, the dress is very important.

In your dream wedding situation you are way more extravagant to what is usually possible for the price you are willing to pay. So sticking to the spreadsheets and budget is of most importance if you want to come home from your honeymoon feeling good and not stressed out.

Here are some tips to keep your dress expenses as low as possible.

When looking for your gown, do not try on dresses that are out of your budget as you stand the risk of falling in love with something you cannot afford.

Finding a dress that fits you "almost perfectly" or has a corset adjustable top or built in shape wear can save you a lot of money in the long run with alterations. 

Some other budget saving tips:

Get married on any other day except Saturday. Venues and suppliers charge extra on these Saturdays as it is the most desired day traditionally.

Opt for a wedding in a friend or family's beautiful garden or back yard. Or even national parks or beaches or even a forest. Just remember to get permission or permits before deciding.

Try doing most of your decor DIY with the help of family and friends, this will keep your budget low and create unforgettable memories with them.

Keep your guest list small. The less people on the list the less money spent on food, favours and drinks. The more money in the budget to make it extra special and unforgettable.

Pay for your honeymoon in advance and have a honeymoon fund instead of a gift registry. This way you can get reimbursed for the money you spent on your honeymoon and come back relaxed knowing that your time away didn't break the bank.

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New Season - New Look - New Blog

New Season - New Look - New Blog

My Wedding Day SA has gone through some changes.

As seasons change so do trends and technology. We have transformed our blog and directory to keep up with the times. We aim to give you, our readers, the best user experience to find the perfect supplier for your special day.

Take a moment to explore our growing wedding directory and follow us on social media for daily inspiration and more information on suppliers. 





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