Get Your Summer Glow Now With Skinny Tan + WIN A HAMPER

Get Your Summer Glow Now With Skinny Tan + WIN A HAMPER

Winter is over and what better time to get your glow on than right now. Indulge in Skinny Tan's unique range of self-tanning products and accessories and be a ‘Summer Girl’ all-year-round.

They have a vast product range to suit all skin types and tones. Pre-Tan Primers, Exfoliating and Tanning Mitts, a choice of different Mousse shades suited to your skin tone and our unique Tan and Tone Oil, which reduces the appearance of cellulite! Top that with Skinny Tan After Glow and then cool down with their refreshing Coconut Water Mist Spray.

All of their products are of natural origin, vegan friendly, not tested on animals, nourishing & hydrating and 100% streak-free.

They also boast with a prestigious Woman & Home Beauty Award 2019 for their Skinny Tan Gradual Tanner.  Which gives them recognition as the winner of the Best Body Tanner in South Africa.


Our favourite product is their new COCONUT WATER TANNING MIST 🥥💦 

A deliciously scented coconut water tanning mist that leaves your skin with a healthy glowing medium tan in seconds that lasts for weeks! Simply spritz and go - no need to rinse for a super natural looking result that never streaks and never looks orange.


You can stand a chance to win a hamper from Skinny Tan. Simply click on the image below and follow instructions on how to win.




Rooftop Wedding Venue in Cape Town

Rooftop Wedding Venue in Cape Town

When we came across this wedding venue we knew it would be a hit. What more do you want than vast open spaces, that are neutral. In the middle of Cape Town with incredible views of the mountain and a very contemporary design. Almost a blank canvas for brides to pursue their dream wedding. Where is this place you ask? The Rooftop on Bree

A hallmark feature of the space is the retractable skylight roof, which opens and closes with the click of a button. Enjoy an open-air function if the weather permits and close the roof in seconds if the weather turns. The space has floor to ceiling double volume windows with views in almost every direction.

Rooftop on Bree is a premium rooftop venue available for hire in the heart of Cape Town. 

The venue is located on the iconic Bree Street, and the unique space boasts breath-taking panoramas of Table Mountain, Lion’s Head & the city skyline.

Inside, they have 250m2 of glassed-in space with a large contemporary bar and luscious plant décor. The venue has floor to ceiling double volume windows with views in every direction. Outside, we have a 150m2 deck – the perfect place for your guests to enjoy sundowners. 

A hallmark feature of the space is the retractable skylight roof, which opens and closes with the click of a button. Enjoy an open-air function if the weather permits and close the roof in seconds if the weather turns. 

The venue is available for private hire and events, including weddings, corporate functions, year-end celebrations, birthdays, photo and studio shoots, and anything else your imagination dreams up. 

A blank canvas for you to create remarkable memories.

My Wedding Day - 27.04.2019 - Getting Ready

My Wedding Day - 27.04.2019 - Getting Ready

Today marks our 4 month anniversary and I would like to share My Wedding Day with you. A few pictures captured by the incredibly talented Sharyn Hodges that will forever hold the memories of our beautiful day.

I have to warn all brides, a few tips that I experienced on the day and some must do's and don'ts.

1. The day flies past and in the end all you will have to look back on is your photographs and video. So it is in our eyes very important to have a connection with your photographer and love their style and skills.

2. Make sure you are happy with your and your bridesmaid's hair and make-up. It is a service that you pay for and it will be in every picture so make sure everyone is happy.

3. Always have snacks and food around. Arrange someone to be in charge and make sure to budget for this as you have to have food for all your bridesmaid, groomsmen, family members and service providers.

4. Make sure you have a Bluetooth speaker and make sure it is charged. There is nothing better to soothe the nerves than signing out loud with your girls to your favorite songs. Also remember to make a playlist long in advance so you can just plug and play on the day.

5. Make sure you have enough time to get those pictures you have seen on Pinterest the past few months, and remember to save them so that you can show them to your photographer.

6. Do write your husband-to-be a letter, it is priceless and you can share words that he will never forget.

7. Spoil your bridesmaids, they have been there every step of the way and made you feel special, now it is your turn to let them know how much you appreciate them. 

8. Do write a special note or get something for your parents. They have waited their whole lives for this day.

These are my top 8 DIY tips for getting ready. 

My husband and I broke a few traditions and made our own rules. We are both surfers and ocean lovers. Like our photographer said, "A mermaid and a pirate." 

We got ready at a Villa in the Dunes Resort in Keurboomsstrand. We spent the whole weekend there celebrating our love for each other and our love for our friends and family. 


Getting ready is such a special time, I personally ran out of time and had to rush at the end, so my advice would be to give yourself an extra 2 hours to what you where planning on for getting ready.

Always have some bubbly before, because after all the day is for celebrating and it just makes you a little more relaxed. My girls and I enjoyed sipping some ice cold bubbly while the boys opted for something stronger, while still sticking to our colour palette. 

My husband and his groomsmen went for a early morning surf just in front of the villa. They relaxed and all enjoyed the morning getting ready together.

I wrote a letter to my husband and gave him a small gift to remember this day and moment forever. His cuff-links where mother of pearl to symbolize our love for the ocean.

 The last hour before I had to walk down the aisle was a blur. It went by so quickly and I wish I had more time. I had a problem with my original dress and ended up hiring one from Tying the Knot Bridal Boutique. It was all meant to be in the end as the dress of my dreams only came out 1 week before I tried it on and that was exactly 3 weeks before the wedding. Eeeek. 

My mom and I found my dress in 1 day and I did not show it to my bridesmaids or my father. So we decided to do the first look reveal, some may say it is cheesy, but it truly is such an emotional moment and I would recommend it to any bride.

We had our doggies at our wedding and the boys got ready with the boys and the girl with us. 

I had only white peonies for my bouquet and wore Peony Blush Suede from Jo Malone as my wedding fragrance.

My shoes and my topaz ring from my now mother-in-law where my something blue. My dress was my something borrowed (hired) and my mom got me a tennis bracelet that was my something new.




Thank you to all our service providers.

Photographer: Sharyn Hodges Photography

Bride's Hair: Leane Professional Makeup Artist

Bride's Make-up: Belinda Louie

Bridemaid's Hair and Make-up: Leane Professional Makeup Artist

Bride's Dress: Tying the Knot Bridal Boutique

Flowers: Yes Exclusive Flowers



The Viola Chan Collection by Bride&Co

The Viola Chan Collection by Bride&Co

The 9th of August was National Women’s Day. A day we celebrate all women who play a vital role in our lives; our moms, grans, sisters, girlfriends, wives, and daughters. It is because of these courageous ladies that we enjoy the constitutional rights that South Africa offers today. This year, Bride&co would like to commemorate the day with a launch of a collection from a phenomenal woman, Viola Chan, who is internationally recognised for her exceptional creations in bridal and eveningwear.

The collection is inspired by iconic women around the world who are bold, free spirited and independent whilst remaining soft, nurturing and whimsical in nature. The items cater for every type of woman, women who are modern and edgy as well as women who appreciate a more classic and timeless piece.

Viola Chan is best known for her signature sophisticated gowns and red carpet feel to the bridal ranges however her 2019 collection will also introduce some retro styles with a pinch of colour and follow trends such as spaghetti straps, playful drama skirts low backs and slits Her designer gowns bring edge, sophistication and a red carpet feel to the bridal industry. The collection is available in all the Bride&Co stores nationwide.

For more information visit Bride&Co

The Battle of the Bubbles: MCC, Prosecco & Sparkling Wine

The Battle of the Bubbles: MCC, Prosecco & Sparkling Wine

Synonymous with celebrations, everyone enjoys a glass of bubbly on the odd occasion. Feminine, sophisticated and classy, Prosecco is popular not only in South Africa where sales are up 24%, but globally 325 million bottles of this premium Italian sparkling wine are sold per year: that’s a lot more than the ‘odd occasion’. So why is Prosecco so popular? And how does it differ from MCC? And where do Champagne and Sparkling Wine fit in? Most importantly, what is the best option for your guests to toast the newlyweds?

Here are some pointers from Rowan Leibbrandt, founding owner of Cape Town-based premium drinks company, Truman & Orange:



  1. Prosecco is crisper, slightly sweeter and more delicate than MCC and both have a subtler fizz and softer bubble than sparkling wine. Méthode Cap Classique (MCC) is essentially the South African version of Champagne. It is made using the French bottle fermentation process and, aside from the grapes being South African and not from the French Champagne region, it is produced using the French ‘methode Champenoise’ where the liquid spends 9 months developing flavour in the bottle.

Recommendation: Try the newly-launched Grace du Roi Cape Gold or Cape Rose MCC for R119.99 a bottle. Made from Chardonnay grapes, the low yields from the dry winelands surrounding Paarl are hugely flavoursome. The grapes are harvested while still firm on the branch and fermented with only the slightest contact with French oak to create a beautifully-structured, elegant wine. 


2. While MCC, Champagne and Prosecco are all double-fermented to produce their unique fizziness, Prosecco’s second fermentation is according to the “Italian Charmant” method and involves fermenting in tanks. Prosecco is made to be drunk fresh and derives its delicate floral and lively fruity notes from the Glera grapes used to produce it, characteristic of the rolling hills they’re grown on in Northern Italy, in a relatively small area protected by the surrounding Alps, called Prosecco DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata).

Recommendation: Try Mionetto Prosecco – as the world’s best-selling Prosecco, its R200 a bottle price tag answers the call for a premium, exceptionally-made, genuine Italian Prosecco fit for any occasion. Its price tag makes it possible to enjoy an imported glass of bubbly as an everyday luxury: an after-work aperitif, at a Summer brunch, as a sundowner on the beach or something to sip on while browsing at First Thursdays.

  1. Sparkling wine is created by carbonating wine, resulting in a large, even bubble and a distinctly different drinking experience. While MCC and Prosecco offer more refined effervescence, many people enjoy the more exciting fizz of sparkling wines and the sweetness created when bubbles pop on the palate.

Recommendation: Using grapes chosen for their balance of sweetness and acidity and harvested at night to maintain their freshness, Grace du Roi sparkling wines offer a lively bubble, and a refreshing green apple and pear character, while the Rose variants offer a hint of raspberry and cream. Naturally cold-fermented, the clean, delicate character of the Grace du Roi sparkling wines is gently fruity as a result of their Chenin Blanc base and the use of the cuvee (first press) of the grapes. The wines in the blend are kept separate to allow flavour to develop first before marrying achieving a ‘state of Grace’: lighter, more delicate flavours. Retailing at only R74.99 a bottle, we’d recommend trying each of the 3 variants: White Gold, Rose Gold and White Sapphire.   

Still battling to decide which to choose? This might help: a glass of Prosecco contains only about 80 calories, while a glass of MCC or Champagne contains around 130 calories and a glass of sparkling wine can contain up to 200 calories!

Stand a chance to win a case of MCC or a case of Sparkling wine from Grace du Roi. Click on the image below for more details on how to enter.