The Battle of the Bubbles: MCC, Prosecco & Sparkling Wine

The Battle of the Bubbles: MCC, Prosecco & Sparkling Wine

Synonymous with celebrations, everyone enjoys a glass of bubbly on the odd occasion. Feminine, sophisticated and classy, Prosecco is popular not only in South Africa where sales are up 24%, but globally 325 million bottles of this premium Italian sparkling wine are sold per year: that’s a lot more than the ‘odd occasion’. So why is Prosecco so popular? And how does it differ from MCC? And where do Champagne and Sparkling Wine fit in? Most importantly, what is the best option for your guests to toast the newlyweds?

Here are some pointers from Rowan Leibbrandt, founding owner of Cape Town-based premium drinks company, Truman & Orange:



  1. Prosecco is crisper, slightly sweeter and more delicate than MCC and both have a subtler fizz and softer bubble than sparkling wine. Méthode Cap Classique (MCC) is essentially the South African version of Champagne. It is made using the French bottle fermentation process and, aside from the grapes being South African and not from the French Champagne region, it is produced using the French ‘methode Champenoise’ where the liquid spends 9 months developing flavour in the bottle.

Recommendation: Try the newly-launched Grace du Roi Cape Gold or Cape Rose MCC for R119.99 a bottle. Made from Chardonnay grapes, the low yields from the dry winelands surrounding Paarl are hugely flavoursome. The grapes are harvested while still firm on the branch and fermented with only the slightest contact with French oak to create a beautifully-structured, elegant wine. 


2. While MCC, Champagne and Prosecco are all double-fermented to produce their unique fizziness, Prosecco’s second fermentation is according to the “Italian Charmant” method and involves fermenting in tanks. Prosecco is made to be drunk fresh and derives its delicate floral and lively fruity notes from the Glera grapes used to produce it, characteristic of the rolling hills they’re grown on in Northern Italy, in a relatively small area protected by the surrounding Alps, called Prosecco DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata).

Recommendation: Try Mionetto Prosecco – as the world’s best-selling Prosecco, its R200 a bottle price tag answers the call for a premium, exceptionally-made, genuine Italian Prosecco fit for any occasion. Its price tag makes it possible to enjoy an imported glass of bubbly as an everyday luxury: an after-work aperitif, at a Summer brunch, as a sundowner on the beach or something to sip on while browsing at First Thursdays.

  1. Sparkling wine is created by carbonating wine, resulting in a large, even bubble and a distinctly different drinking experience. While MCC and Prosecco offer more refined effervescence, many people enjoy the more exciting fizz of sparkling wines and the sweetness created when bubbles pop on the palate.

Recommendation: Using grapes chosen for their balance of sweetness and acidity and harvested at night to maintain their freshness, Grace du Roi sparkling wines offer a lively bubble, and a refreshing green apple and pear character, while the Rose variants offer a hint of raspberry and cream. Naturally cold-fermented, the clean, delicate character of the Grace du Roi sparkling wines is gently fruity as a result of their Chenin Blanc base and the use of the cuvee (first press) of the grapes. The wines in the blend are kept separate to allow flavour to develop first before marrying achieving a ‘state of Grace’: lighter, more delicate flavours. Retailing at only R74.99 a bottle, we’d recommend trying each of the 3 variants: White Gold, Rose Gold and White Sapphire.   

Still battling to decide which to choose? This might help: a glass of Prosecco contains only about 80 calories, while a glass of MCC or Champagne contains around 130 calories and a glass of sparkling wine can contain up to 200 calories!

Stand a chance to win a case of MCC or a case of Sparkling wine from Grace du Roi. Click on the image below for more details on how to enter.

South African Tech Start-up Takes The Stress Out of Wedding Gifting

South African Tech Start-up Takes The Stress Out of Wedding Gifting

As a very recent bride, I wish I had something like this for my wedding. We believe this will be revolutionery in the way that we gift to the wedding couple in the future. 

"New School" couples live together before they get married so don't always need gifts, Honeymoon Funds are becoming a huge trend, but it is also difficult to ask someone to bring money to your wedding. Wrapistry has developed something that will change this forever.

Ask your friends about digital disruption and they will trot out a list of ‘tried and tested’ technology brands like Amazon, Apple, Google – and more recently Airbnb and Uber, but their mainstream focus means they are glossing over dozens of innovative start-ups that are revolutionising traditional ways of doings things. is one such start-up that is leveraging digital technologies to radically improve how wedding guests interact with the bride and groom during the centuries-old custom of marriage.

A little background behind the company. Wrapistry is a family business that bills itself as the ultimate wedding registry. “We decided to reinvent the traditional wedding gifting process to address many of the pain points that couples and their immediate family experience while planning a wedding,” says CEO, Jed Shein. “This is a foundation business that we built, from the ground up, to give customers the interactive experience they desire”. An early lesson for firms entering the digital age is that the so-called millennial generation (and those coming after) place a high value on customer experience. Not only do they want a seamless gifting experience, but they want to give meaningful gifts that resonate with their digital lifestyles.

The desire to help guests choose awesome wedding gifts was one part of the service that Wrapistry co-founders Pat Berman and Linda Shein unveiled at the firm’s establishment in 2015. They accommodated changing consumer demands by creating a ‘one stop shop’ for busy wedding guests which today offers three gifting options. Guests who access the registry can choose from traditional gifts (chosen by the bride and groom), cash donations or contributions towards the couple’s honeymoon or an experience, such as adventure or travel packages. The overriding motivation for the business, however, was to relieve the stress couples face in the run-up to their wedding day by creating a platform to automate the ‘old school’ wedding gift registry process.

So, this all sounds amazing, but how does it work?

Each couple creates a personalised wedding registry online and adds an appropriate number of gifts from various price points before sharing a link to the registry with their guests. Guests follow the link to choose their gifts and have an opportunity to write a personal message to the couple before completing an electronic payment. Following the wedding, couples can log into the registry to review a list of all gifts and generate personalised email thank you notes. Other services include a support team to assist guests in choosing the perfect gift; a ‘group gifting’ facility that allows multiple guests to contribute to ‘big ticket’ items; and a free delivery service to a single address.

With all the information you need, what are you waiting for, go create your Wrapistry now.


Ocean Inspired Engagement Shoot

Ocean Inspired Engagement Shoot

Written by Sherri-Lee Smit

With only two months until our wedding, I would like to share with you our engagement shoot taken on our getaway a few weeks ago. We decided to have a little break away from reality and head towards Plettenberg to finish arrangements for our wedding.

We got to meet with our planners, Elfi and Sylvia, mother-daughter duo from Yes Exclusive Weddings & Events. They introduced us to our Videographer, Henri, from Iron Glacier Creative.

We also got to meet our incredible photographer Sharyn, from Sharyn Hodges Photography. We spent a few months searching for the perfect photographer to capture our special day, once we saw the love Sharyn has for the ocean and the way she captures moments we knew she was the one.

I also thought it would be an excellent idea to do an engagement shoot, so that my Fiance and I could get to know her and feel comfortable in front of the camera. So when the big day comes we won't be nervous. (just a little tip for other couples)

Sharyn took us on a walk down Keurboomstrand, with our puppy dog Valentino. We ended up at Arch Rock where we got these incredible shots. She made us feel so comfortable and it can be seen on the pictures how much fun we had.

Thank you Sharyn.



Keeping Calm and Planning On

Keeping Calm and Planning On

Written by Sherri-Lee Smit

Everybody said, "The time just flies before your wedding day." But now I know they where so right.

From deciding on a date and venue to 3 months to go feels like a flash. Though I have been spoilt and made feel like a princess from my beautiful bridal party. I wanted to share some memories with my countdown celebrations.

For 1 Year to go my Bride Squad spoiled me with delicious Steenberg MCC, training clothes for getting motivated for the "bride bod"  and a gorgeous file to keep all my planning documents of course every thing teal and mint.


6 Months to go, my girls kidnapped me and took me to a secret location. Open Door at Groot Constantia. Loads of donuts, MCC, balloons, flowers and prezzies. Also a letter board with a photo of my fiance and I saying Together Forever. One of the presents included coffee cups with Mr and Mrs on them which we already use everyday (just practicing) and a sensual massage candle.


To the most recent surprise of 3 months to go. A beautiful bikini and kaftan for my honeymoon, more MCC (can never be enough) and flowers.

A special thank you to each and every one of my girls that have supported me through my journey and made it that much more special with their surprises. 

With 3 months to go, I will be sharing my suppliers, food tastings, dress fittings, bachelorette parties and whatever else goes into being a bride. 

The Bespoke Cellars-Hohenort For Your Wedding

The Bespoke Cellars-Hohenort For Your Wedding

Written by Sherri-Lee Smit

Celebrate your unity at a fairytale garden sanctuary in the heart of Constantia Valley. The team at the Celars-Hohenort is so passionate and involved. we where lucky enough to get a beautiful tour of the 9.5 acres and enjoyed a scrumptious high tea at the Conservatory, they have an elevated comfort food, with sophistication and finesse.

The variety that they can offer is incredible. They have 5 different wedding areas that would suit any thing you have dreamed about.

Palm Arch: "Arches and weddings seem to go together very well, and with good reason. They give each wedding a distinct character and a focal point. Choosing how you decorate your arch is another opportunity to put a stamp on your wedding. At the Cellars-Hohenort you can say your vows under the Palm Arch. It’s a unique and photogenic space for an outdoor ceremony: surrounded by lush green foliage and hidden by ancient trees, yet still offering beautiful mountain views.

Conveniently, the Hohenort building is adjacent, which makes for an easy flow from ceremony to canapés and Champagne."

The Great Hall: "For a sophisticated indoor venue, the Great Hall in heart of the Hohenort building has recently been refurbished for a more modern, elegant look. There’s easy access to the wraparound balcony, as well as the inviting Greenhouse Bar for canapés and champagne."

 The Conservatory Restaurant: "Offering unparalleled garden vistas, your guests will feel as if they’re floating above the trees. The restaurant is built around a giant 300-year-old oak tree, offering a setting that is both whimsical and elegant. We can also arrange to have your ceremony or reception here in the airy indoors, or on the sun-drenched terrace. This area can accommodate a maximum of 80 guests without a dancefloor, or 60 with a dancefloor."

Garden Reception / Hohenort Lawn: "Garden weddings are a dream, and we can help you plan yours in our gardens. This spacious piece of land provides an incredibly picturesque venue, with views that include the Hohenort pool and the vineyards beyond. Ideal for larger weddings of 70 to 120 guests, a marquee or Bedouin tent will be erected on the Hohenort lawn to accommodate all your guests."

Greenhouse: "Food is one of the most important aspects of any wedding. This flagship, award-winning restaurant of The Collection by Liz McGrath has been reimagined, and your guests will be in for a culinary treat. Picture warm, dark wood mixed with the soft tones of charcoal and honey, and punctuated with eclectic, contemporary art to create an uncluttered environment. It’s at once an elegant yet cutting-edge space to host the wedding reception of any foodie’s dreams."

For more information about these incredible areas click here.

Your fairytale will be a reality if you entrust the team from The Celars-Hohenort to plan and execute your bespoke wedding.

Contact The Celars-Hohenort

+27 (0) 21 794 5535



All 51 rooms and suites boast panoramic views of the iconic mountain over the 9.5 acres of beautifully manicured gardens. There’s something to suit everyone in your wedding party, including those travelling as a family.

Your guests will have access to our wonderful wedding accommodation rate. They qualify for a 15% discount at time of booking.