D'amor means "of love" in Spanish which resonates so much with me, as I believe we're surrounded by things made of love. The touch of a hand, the sparkle in your husband's eye, the sweet gesture of buying flowers for a loved one or simply sharing a dear moment with a friend, it's all formed out of love. 

Lucia started D'amor in the spring of 2011 with a love for and degree in photography, a romantic heart and a deep appreciation for light-filled images. Although she believes her business is of a professional nature, she never cease to underestimate the need for a personal touch. It is important to her that her clients identify with her style as well as her personality, as you will be doing a lot of pretty things together!

"I am a natural light photographer with a contemporary style, who values the small details at weddings and portrait sessions. I love traveling, experiencing people and their relationships and capturing that which will hold many happy memories in the future. 

I live in the energetic city of Pretoria with my husband and our beagle, Kylie, exploring and experiencing life together as a family. I have a soft spot for interior magazines, enjoy good coffee, the company of family and friends and constantly daydream about a 
white, minimalistic home someday. I am a child of God and appreciate friendliness, honesty, and good intentions. On a lazy Sunday afternoon, you'll rather find me at home, soaking in the tranquil air."


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