"We are Marius and Michelle, Scorpion and Lion, husband and wife, bread and butter, oil to each other’s fires as well as each other’s Prozac! This about page have changed so often, it is hard to keep current, but our lives are in constant change. We love change because it keeps one fresh, current and creative.

We have been capturing couple’s memories for over a decade and our love for each other is the foundation of our creativity.

After meeting and starting FullCircle in East London, we have been living in Port Elizabeth for the last 5 years and we have grown to know and love this friendly windy city. Mountain biking through the Baakens Valley and exploring the surrounding areas have allowed us to discover many unique locations. We are always looking for something new, whether it is through the surroundings or our technique and style. The key remains that we find our inspiration through our clients, their love and their passion".


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